What Makes This Site Different

What Makes This Site Different

Most web sites that "showcase" Celtic art work have very few knotwork designs for you to look at let alone download for free. They also have very little information on Celtic art.

Even fewer sites have information about any other aspect of the Celtic culture, its history, the stories and myths, the beliefs and spirituality behind the art form that has captivated people for thousands of years.

That's not what I'm going to do. I intent to have thousands of Celtic knotwork clip art images available for you to download for free. Each knotwork design will be provided in a variety of sizes and styles, because one size does not fit all when it comes to clipart.

I intend to have hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of information. Starting with things to do with the clip art that is available on this site. This will include any necessary support information to complete the projects described (wood finishing techniques, faux finishes, woodworking, metalworking, toolmaking, etc.).

The bulk of the Celtic knotwork designs, projects and information available on this site will be the compilation of my work. The balance will be from what I find interesting and available online.

Once I have enough clipart and information on what to do with it loaded onto this site I'll begin to include information on other apsects of the Celtic times (past and present).

I have done extensive research into the Celtic culture as part of my participation in a historic research and recreation society. I have acquired an extensive library on the Celtic culture over the last three decades of research and I intend to share that research with you.

I've been drawing Celtic knotwork designs and producing items with Celtic artwork since 1988. My collection of the supporting information mentioned is even greater. I have been studying and working a variety of crafts and trades since 1970.

I'm in the process of building CelticKnotworkDesigns.com website, with the intention of providing you with only the best Celtic artwork and information. I promise that I'll continually add images and information to this site until I've listed my entire collection.

To learn more about the development of this site and the progress thereof click on the Special Notices link in the right-hand column. The Special Notices page is where I'll post any information I think you should know about but doesn't fit anywhere else.

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How to Get Around This Site

How to Get Around This Site

There are three areas on every page of this site with navigation links. Links within the title bar (top of the page) and the left and right columns.

Links within the title bar enable you to interact with this site. The search link enables you to conduct searches within this site. As more features are added to this site, more links will be added to this section.

In the left column are the main navigation links (purple links). These are the primary information groupings, many of these sections have their information divided on additional pages.

The column on the right lists all of the additional pages within the main section. Enabling you to easily navigate around each section without having to repeatedly return to the section's home page.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for click on the Contact Me link in the left column and let me know what you're looking for. I may have it, just not online at this time, or I may be able to help you locate it.

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Share Your Discovery

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